>     CENTS RAW. No conversions. Just RAW cash from your clicks!

>    0.35 CENTS PER IMPRESSION. No conversions. Just RAW cash from every visitor you get!

>    0.1 CENTS PER IMPRESSION AND 100% OF THE AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC YOU SEND BACK TO A URL OF YOUR CHOICE! Click here for more details about the Exchange program.

>    REFERRALS. You get 25% of your referred webmasters clicks for as long as they are active. This is one of the highest referral rates in the industry!

>    TAXES. The IRS won't be getting any 1099 tax forms from us! No W9 form to fill out! YOU decide if and how to report the income you generate from offshoretraffic!

>    PAYOUTS. Semi-monthly payouts for all accounts that generate at least $100 during that pay period. If you generate under $100 the amount will be carried to the next two-week pay period.

>    LINKING. From your stats page you will have easy cut-n-paste linking instructions to create:

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